Legalisierung Online Casino Le 14 novembre 2022

One of the leading suppliers to the international gaming industry is Microgaming. The software manufacturer is highly regarded by operators and gamers because of its high-quality products. If you are looking for legal Microgaming online casinos, you will find it on Online casinos can regularly be found on, which will continue to meet the high standards of the upcoming state gambling treaty from summer 2021. Gambling manufacturers are alarmed, as the new emerging market for German gambling will bring a new dynamic to gambling offered in Germany. So far, only players from Schleswig-Holstein can play 100% games of chance legally. From 1 July 2021, all citizens residing in Germany will officially be able to legally participate in online gambling. Every licensed online casino in Germany and every online poker provider will be obliged from July 1, 2021 to deal with the prevention of gambling addiction and the prevention of gambling among minors. What was considered unimaginable to many casino stakeholders for years, abruptly changed on July 1, 2021: a new official gaming contract was concluded. That said, the operation and use of online casinos is officially legal in Germany. Previously, this privilege was granted only to the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Since then, various operators and developers have thought of putting the best casino games on the market for their respectable users. This has also led many sites to make the optimal comparisons for the best online games and casinos. These sites include, among others, You should always look for various comparisons, as they often contain useful information for you that will help you choose the casino of your choice. By the way, the answer is no. In Germany, online gambling was illegal (with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein). With the new law on online casinos, the chaos is now over. Clear targets and measures aim to regulate the market throughout Germany from July 2021 and, at least on paper, make it a safe place for players. Restrictive legislation these rules apply to players! We collect personal data and also pass it on to third-party providers who help us improve and fund our website. Processing of information stored on your device, such as cookies or personal identifiers, IP addresses and your individual usage behavior are used for the following purposes: Use almost ad-free and ad tracking. The state treaty on gambling is dotted with a multitude of measures that are mainly aimed at strengthening the protection of gamblers and minors.

However, the new rules of the game are having very drastic effects. The granting of national gambling licences falls within the competence of GGL, which is however not expected to be fully operational before 1 January 2023. Until then, the national administration of Saxony-Anhalt will take charge of the licensing procedure for online casinos. With pure Golem from 3 euros per month, you can use without analysis and advertising cookies, only cookies necessary for our offer are used. Consent in an iFrame is not possible. Open the page in its own window. Compared to foreign providers, no live casino offers and almost no classic table games can be offered in German gambling halls. Critics of the strict bans fear that casino enthusiasts, in particular, will continue to play at online casinos without a German license in order to be able to use the full range of games there. Penalties are provided for all those who do not comply with the measures prescribed by law. For each violation, platforms will automatically have their gaming license revoked. They can even be blacklisted by online casinos. This blacklist, which has been set up for all those who do not respect the rules laid down by the German authorities.

On paper, the German gambling market seems to be more uniform and up-to-date than ever. While this thesis is correct, politics has wrapped the liberalization process in a restrictive cloak, which sometimes significantly infringes on the gaming freedoms of the gaming community. Now that gambling is legalized, countless platforms have emerged that have diversified to meet the huge demand.