Legalization Fees Egypt Le 14 novembre 2022

Legalization of documents from the Embassy of Egypt in Washington, DC or one of their consulates in Houston, TX – New York, NY – Chicago, Il or Los Angeles, CA. The typical processing time of the Egyptian consular service varies from consulate to consulate. The Egyptian embassy accepts a document issued and notarized in one state to be certified as an original document from another state. If your document has only one notary or is notarized as an authentic copy of the original, you can choose case « A ». US Legalization will take all necessary steps to obtain the necessary certificates to obtain the legalization of the Embassy of Egypt. Yes, you need legalization of the Egyptian embassy or consulate. You must obtain authentication from the U.S. Department of State before sending your document to the Embassy of Egypt. There are four main steps required to obtain the legalization of the Egyptian embassy. (Four in the Arab courtiers and three in the rest) Egypt is not a party to the Hague Convention. Document legalization in Egypt differs depending on the type of document you have.

If the document was created by your company, it must be signed and notarized. Example: Power of Attorney letter or agency agreement. *Please note that you can also complete and submit your application free of charge (without embassy fees) by visiting the Embassy of Egypt website. We have no affiliation with any embassy or government agency. If your document was issued by a « state court, » you must have it stamped by the court clerk and then receive a certificate from your secretary of state. Proceed with authentication and legalization at the Egyptian embassy. If your document was issued by a federal court, you must have it certified by the Department of Justice in Washington DC and then obtain a certificate from your Secretary of State. Proceed with authentication and legalization at the Egyptian embassy.

The Egyptian embassy will legalize the document based on the signature of Secretary of State Amtony Blinken. (Programmable) The authentication fee is $20 and can be processed in 25 business days depending on the postal service or 4 business days depending on the walk-in service. The Embassy of Egypt has the right to read the contents of the document and refuse legalization if it does not agree with a specific statement contained therein. For complete information on the jurisdiction of Egyptian consulates in the United States, please visit this link: Egypt is NOT a member of the Hague Apostille Convention and still requires the legalization of the Egyptian Embassy (Red Seal of the Embassy) on US documents to confirm its validity. We can provide the following certification services for documents issued in the United States and intended for use in Egypt. If one of the Egyptian consulates general has consular jurisdiction over your state, you can present your document to that consulate general for final legalization. All commercial and commercial contracts and/or documents must be notarized and authenticated in order to be legally recognized by the Egyptian government. The consulate accepts walk-in tours Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. You must return the apostilled document to the U.S. Department of State Authentication Office, informing them that you wish to use it in Egypt. You will delete the apostille and replace it with authentication.

After that, you need to legalize it at the Egyptian embassy. Note: You should not delete an apostille or authentication yourself. Only an authorized official of the U.S. Department of State can complete this process. Walk-in documents are processed within 4 business days. Our collaboration with the Arab Chamber of Commerce of the United States allows us to provide our guests with the room stamp in just 1 business day for $35.00. All documents intended for use in Egypt must be stamped by the Chamber. Examples: Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice Only.

The United States stamp The Arab Chamber of Commerce may be required for documents intended for use in Egypt. We recommend that companies check with their partner in Egypt if they need the USACC stamp. The stamp duty is $35 based on the next day service. According to the new rules of the Chinese consulate, please add: OR send all documents to the CONSULATE OF EGYPT at our mailing address: Examples: Foreign Government Certificate, FBI Background Check, Export Readiness Certificate, FDA Free Sales Certificate, Pharmaceutical Product Certificate. COPP – Foreign manufacturer. Please attach the following to your current document: Documents issued by the federal government for use in Egypt are ready to be sent to the U.S. Department of State. For example, FDA, USDA, USPTO.

POSTAL DOCUMENTS: Please provide only express mail or registered mail (self-addressed envelope, prepaid for return of documents). The consulate is not responsible for the loss of documents by mail. The Egyptian Consulate in Washington, D.C. can only legalize documents issued by states under our jurisdiction (Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia) All documents must be certified by the Secretary of the same state from which they originated. Some states have special rules. (New York, Maryland, …..) Require a court clerk to obtain state certification. (California, Nevada, …….) Issue an apostille instead of certification. Make sure your document is notarized by a local notary unless it is an original copy/notarization issued by a designated federal/state/local office. The apostille is a final step for all participating countries in The Hague. Egypt is not a Hague country. For this reason, your document must also be certified by the U.S.

Department of State and legalized by the Egyptian embassy. I have an Egyptian birth certificate issued in Egypt. How do I get an apostille for my birth certificate in Mexico? You cannot use the U.S. certification or authentication system for documents issued by another country. You must return your birth certificate to Egypt, have it certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legalize it at the Mexican Embassy in Egypt. Extremely important: the notarized stamp, signature and confirmation statement must be affixed in the documents themselves (next to the signatory) and not on a separate sheet. Failure to certify the document(s) in accordance with the regulations of the Egyptian Embassy will result in a refusal. 3521 International Court, NWWashington, D.C. 20008 You should contact the U.S. Department of State, Office of Vital Records. in Washington D.C. They issue a certified birth certificate for you and then send it to the U.S.

Department of State authentication office to get the apostille to use in Mexico. Send documents to:1001 Connecticut Ave NWSuite 710Washington, DC 20036 If you have a question, please contact US Legalization at:410 349-4900 Egypt requires the legalization of all business documents from outside the country. The Chinese embassy is still nearby. They accept documents in Washington D.C. based on their method of jurisdiction. At this point, we can process all federal documents (FDA, USPTO, FBI,…..) issued for all different states. We also certify all documents issued only by the following countries. Documents issued by your state must be certified or certified by your Secretary of State. Example: Clearance certificate. Detailed information about service fees and shipping information can be found in our price list.

For U.S. documents such as U.S. marriage certificate, U.S. divorce decree, letter of employment, etc. * The above processing time is average and is for illustrative purposes only. Some applications may require longer processing times if a pick-up date cannot be confirmed until notified by the visa office. Discounts for multiple documents may be offered depending on volume. U.S. Department of State Quick Authentication Service in Washington, DC for state and federal documents. Typical processing time is 4 business days. Contact Information: 600 19TH Street, NW Washington, D.C.

20006 Phone: 202.485.8000, 202.261.8081 Fax: 202.663.3636 Website: To get your FBI background check, please visit and order it. Once you receive it, send it back to the U.S. State Department for authentication, and then have it legalized by the Egyptian embassy. Required for all documents issued in your state, except documents issued by federal agencies. If you have a document issued in another state, we can only get authentication from the U.S. Department of State (60-90 days) for $58 for the first document and $33 for each additional document.