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A post shared by Caroline Calloway (@carolinecalloway) on May 20, 2013 at 11:59am PDT I woke up next to Caroline in her big plush bed. Nothing we wrote that night was helpful, and the deal that changed Caroline and I lives was legally nothing more than a stoned handshake. But it was still real to us, and I immediately got to work. She had missed her first deadline, but we decided to keep working until it was over. Over the next two months, I woke up at 6 a.m. in Sunset Park and wrote for 90 minutes, usually dealing with the raw notes Caroline sent for the chapter we were working on. I would make a readable account of it, then rush to my landscaping where I would install tasteful fences and patios for the gentrifiers of Bed-Stuy and Prospect Heights from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. while Caroline filled in the details. In the evenings and weekends, we met, always at Caroline`s house (my apartment made her too sad, she told me). Caroline loved reading our pages aloud and I loved listening. What was missing from all the thinking this year was the power of her voice, syrupy and sincere, convincing to the point that when she read our creations, I couldn`t trust my ability to know what was great and what sounded like that when it came out of her mouth. But when we finally finalized the 103-page proposal, I was sure it was good.

The character of Caroline we created together was a fantastic YA protagonist; She loved and was loved, looked good crying, trampled an idealized New York in her boots « I deserve to be here. » « The talent you show in this proposal, both in writing and through photos of the whole story, is a rare and remarkable thing, » Byrd wrote in an email. It was a suggestion for a memory of a life that wasn`t mine, adapted from Instagram captions, but I was proud. Caroline recalled the occasion on Instagram in the days leading up to the event, which took place in Mauritius. « And here we go. With My Ride or Die, @sergiocarrallo make it our biggest adventure yet. 11 11 I will be your wife, » Caroline wrote in the caption of a photo of her and her fiancé, a former professional footballer from Spain, in an Instagram post on November 7. « #mauritius we`re coming. » To some people on the internet, this article sounded like the Pentagon Papers or the Super Bowl. They had been waiting for it for days and angrily updated the cup every day, hoping it would be published. She started sharing photos of her life with long, incredibly detailed captions using the hashtag #adventuregrams.

As she told Man Repeller, « I started writing an autobiographical story that spanned several Instagram posts and featured different people in my life as `characters.` » But the Amsterdam bar was warm and the wine quickly became complementary. Caroline had a way of drawing the world into herself. The bartender kept pushing drinks on our way, and I thought: Why not try to be shy and optimistic? Why not try to be like Caroline? A Vice reporter, who sneaked into the event under a false name, described the event as a group of talented attendees, adding that they brought artwork and texts and shared ideas. In the end, Calloway shared his creative process and gave the opportunity to take pictures. The journalist concluded that Calloway is « an extreme example of the façade that is influencer culture. » The reaction to the test was polarizing. Although people call her a cheater, a con artist or worse, Calloway has nearly 1 million fans and rabid followers watching her every move. Some of these followers really love him and send him messages of love and support. She told me she thought I was home with the bartender. Today, it`s all about love for Caroline Stanbury. The London Alum ladies had an intimate ceremony to get their legal papers to marry their fiancé Sergio Carrallo on Thursday, November 11. Since then, Calloway has embraced his viral notoriety as a « fraudster. » She often refers to it and has compared the pain she experienced to the diagnosis of a terrible disease. She sold hats that poked fun at what people called online and started selling her artwork.

She also launched a Patreon. Even though I knew Caroline was the ultimate unreliable storyteller, I trusted her anyway. After all, she kept calling me her best friend and worker and telling me she loved me. I thought we would be there together. This started to change the weekend we went to Amsterdam. Caroline noted earlier this week on her Instagram stories that it would be a small ceremony to get her legal documents to marry Sergio, and that her « real wedding » would take place at a later date. If we`ve learned anything from Calloway`s previous scandals, she`s not running away from them. She constantly leans, writes and transforms her past, present and future into content. Caroline then shared a video that appears just before the big moment.

« Goodbye, everyone, » Caroline said before disconnecting for now. « This room is private. » In it, Beach claims that she was a ghost writer for Calloway`s Instagram account and that it was, not Calloway, who wrote many of the lengthy detailed Instagram captions that catapulted Calloway to online fame. She also claims to have worked on Calloway`s failed book proposal, claiming that Calloway promised her 35% of the profits for her help. Beach also claimed that Calloway bought Instagram followers shortly after launching her account, meaning her rise to popularity wasn`t as organic as she had claimed. On my first day on the job, I settled into the studio where I had thought about cleaning before the guests arrived. On the kitchen floor was a bag of months of garbage and Caroline`s white duvet was stained. I tightened the quilt, stuffed it under the bed and sank into the floor. The night before, I had made arrangements to meet an older man.

He bought me drinks and took me home to Bay Ridge where he called me a whore and beat and strangled me in bed.