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Nationally, most people will be involved in a car accident at some point in their lives and may have to deal with their insurance company or the other driver`s insurance, but most people don`t have to make a claim for damage to their residential or commercial property with an insurance company. The likelihood of property damage is greatest in areas of South Florida such as Miami, where homeowners face dangers ranging from hurricanes to sinkholes and almost always face water damage of one form or another. Velasquez & Associates is there for you whenever you need us, so call anytime and we`ll get to work right away to protect your rights and help you achieve your goals. We offer a free initial consultation to learn more about your case and let you know how we can help. We also offer a variety of payment options and fee structures, including contingency fee agreements on personal and property damage insurance. Our insurance claims lawyers and staff in Miami speak Spanish and are happy to work with you in Spanish according to your preferences and needs. Call 786-776-0130 or contact us online via this website. We look forward to hearing from you, getting to know you and resolving your legal issue to your satisfaction. You may have never had to file a claim before, and you can quickly put yourself at a disadvantage when dealing with claims adjusters and insurance company lawyers.

We treat complaints like yours every day. We don`t be intimidated by insurance companies and work with you to make sure you aren`t either. Our first-party property insurance practice includes residential and commercial insurance claims as well as condominium corporation claims. We even represent catering professionals in the prosecution of insurance claims based on an assignment of services they received from the policyholder. Visit our website to learn more about the different types of property damage, find out why property damage claims are denied, understand the steps to file a claim, or get answers to frequently asked questions about property damage insurance claims. For immediate assistance in filing a claim or dealing with a refusal, delay or insufficient payment of your claim, call our office for a free consultation. You won`t pay a penny unless we recover on your behalf. Call today to schedule your consultation. Foreclosure defense – For years, Florida in general and Miami in particular have been ground zero in the fight against illegal foreclosure. We will help you find a solution with your lender that will keep you in your home or we will plead illegal attempts to take away your home. If keeping the home is simply not an option, we will negotiate the best solution that will allow you to keep your dignity, credit and finances intact. You can check out Juan`s creative work on his YouTube channel at JC5Productions.

Immigration – More than ever, legal and undocumented immigrants face serious challenges when it comes to solving immigration problems in the United States. We help immigrants and their employers with a variety of challenging immigration issues, including green cards, H-1B visas, citizenship and naturalization, fiancée visas, and more. Hablamos Español. While on the Florida coast, Juan worked with the Consumer Law Clinic, served as president of the Jewish Law Student`s Association, legislator of the Student Bar Association, and was accepted into the mock trial team. Having to make a claim if you`re not familiar with the process can be stressful, especially if you`re dealing with a claims adjuster who obviously knows a lot more about the process than you do. Having knowledge on your side is powerful, so read on to get answers to frequently asked questions about property damage. If you have a property damage insurance claim in Miami, level the playing field between you and the insurance company by calling Miami Property Damage Attorney Juan Velasquez at Velasquez & Associates. We answer all your questions and represent you in all transactions with the insurance company, including first reporting damage on your behalf and dealing with any unpleasant surprises along the way. My desire to practice professionally and excel in the legal profession was expressed to me by my beloved uncle, Alberto Babani, Esq. It was and is the heart of my personal and professional being. He has been my mentor and continues to have a huge impact on my life. He was also the cornerstone of our family.

Sadly, Alberto tragically died in a car accident a few years ago due to the gross negligence of a tire company. The spirit of my dear uncle Alberto lives through my dream of following in his footsteps and becoming the caring, aggressive and passionate lawyer everyone remembers. My desire to follow in Alberto`s footsteps has motivated me a lot and will continue to motivate me to be the best Juan I can be for you! The company`s founder and lead attorney, Juan C. Velasquez, Esq., is a former criminal defense attorney for an insurance company who has first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies and their attorneys handle personal injury and property damage disputes. This « on the other side » experience allows us to quickly assess your claim and formulate the appropriate strategy to resolve it in a timely manner and to your satisfaction. We know how the other party thinks and how it works, and we use that knowledge to your advantage as you pursue your cause. At Velasquez & Associates, you will receive personal attention in your legal matter and work directly with your attorney throughout your representation. Lack of communication with their lawyer is the most common complaint from legal consumers. At Velasquez & Associates, we take an intimate and hands-on approach so that you always know what to expect, are always aware of the status of your case, and always have someone available to answer your questions.

That`s what we mean when we say you get personal attention from our insurance claims lawyers in Miami. Labor Law – Our comprehensive Miami labor law practice includes workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful dismissal claims, as well as compensation and hours issues such as unpaid overtime or minimum wage violations. Are you injured on the job? Contact Velasquez & Associates for assistance in obtaining workers` compensation benefits, as well as an assessment of potential liability claims. Mendez Babani Law20000 E Country Club Dr Apt 911Aventura, FL 33180-3009 In addition to managing property damage, our full-service law firm handles a variety of important legal requirements, including: If you have evacuated, be very careful when entering a residential or commercial space after it has been damaged by fire, a storm or the collapse of a hole in the ground. In addition to structural damage, gas leaks or dangerous power lines can occur. Document the damage with photos and/or videos, just as you already documented your property before the disaster. Don`t start repairs before contacting the insurance company, although you may want to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage (this step may even be necessary to mitigate the damage and loss of your insurance claim). You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible, but if the damage is significant, it is advisable to first contact an experienced insurance lawyer for advice on how to proceed.