Lexisnexis Legal Tech Le 15 novembre 2022

Leverage our legal, technological and start-up expertise to advise and support program participants. Help legal technology entrepreneurs strengthen and build lasting connections with the community around them. Meet weekly with LexisNexis® executives for hands-on learning sessions covering a variety of legal topics. Talk to a test drive consultant with high-tech legal resources tailored to the needs of your company`s legal department. As part of the planned three-month program, accelerator firms will participate in a rigorous program designed specifically for companies in the early stages of the legal market: Clause Logic integrates lawyer-developed automation into Microsoft Word to reduce workflow friction for lawyers so they can create better documents faster with their own work product. Stay up to date with the latest legal news with authoritative analysis of emerging issues in the high-tech sector, from regulatory decisions to consumer protection regulations. Immerse yourself in a universe of LexisNexis patent resources to help you meet the design, filing, infringement, litigation and competitive intelligence needs of the high-tech industry. Docket is a modern platform designed for in-house legal counsel to centralize the recording of issues, manage collaboration within the department, and get in-depth analysis from the legal department. July 30, 2020 – Raleigh, North Carolina – LexisNexis announced today that it is accepting applications for the fifth cohort of the LexisNexis Legal Tech accelerator. The program is designed to give startups a head start in the growing legal technology industry. The accelerator leverages LexisNexis` legal, technology and start-up expertise, as well as its industry-leading position, to advise and incubate program participants. « After four successful programs with 26 start-up participants, we will be running in a new format this year, » said Jeff Pfeifer.

« Although completely virtual, we will offer an exciting program to this cohort. Participants commented on the value each company receives through program sessions and networking with other legal tech startups. Every year, we are more and more impressed by the depth and quality of the candidates to our program. Based in Silicon Valley, Lex Machina is part of LexisNexis, a leading information provider and pioneer in providing reliable legal content and information through innovative search and productivity solutions that meet the needs of lawyers at every stage of their workflow. From product liability litigation and mergers and acquisitions to supply chain compliance, labor and employment issues, LexisNexis addresses the needs of high-tech industry professionals for strategy development and technical information. « Our vision for the Technology Accelerator Program was to identify some of the best and brightest legal tech startups, contribute to their initial success, and then see their innovative technologies and vision change the way law is practiced, » said Josh Becker, CEO of Lex Machina. « After observing the deep engagement and intense collaboration between participants and mentors, I am pleased to say that the program has exceeded expectations so far, and we look forward to the opportunity to select a new group of participants in the near future. We look forward to seeing these dynamic organizations grow, prosper and make important contributions to the legal industry in the months and years ahead. The launch of the LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator complements ongoing partnership with the Duke Law Tech Lab. LexisNexis and the Duke Center on Law & Tech have collaborated over the past year to develop complementary programs that catalyze new legal technology companies and improve access to legal services.

Several companies have now participated in both programs and we are happy to share content and speakers that are beneficial to participants in each group. September 9, 2020 — Raleigh, North Carolina — LexisNexis® announced today that ten participants have been selected for its Legal Tech Accelerator program. The program was launched to give startups a head start in the growing legal technology industry. In line with LexisNexis` broader vision to change the way law is practiced, each of the ten accelerator participants – AiLanthus, Clause Logic, Docket, Don`t Get Mad Get Paid, FastVisa, IPGen, JusticeText, Office and Dragons, PainWorth and People Clerk – is driving innovation in a specific area of law. The LexisNexis accelerator program was unique because of its extensive legal knowledge. The program allowed us to learn new ways to market specifically for the legal industry. It was also very helpful for us to learn best practices from people with a lot of experience in sales and other disciplines. « Lex Machina has successfully completed the legal technology startup journey, from a public interest project at Stanford Law School, to a Silicon Valley venture backed company, to its acquisition by LexisNexis, and market leadership in legal analytics, » said Byrd. « The accelerator program builds directly on our experience in product development, fundraising, early sales and marketing, as well as all the other challenges of starting a business in the legal technology market. Based in Silicon Valley, Lex Machina is part of LexisNexis, a leading information provider and pioneer in providing reliable legal content and information through innovative search and productivity solutions that meet the needs of lawyers at every stage of their workflow. By harnessing the power of big data, LexisNexis provides lawyers with essential information and insights derived from an unparalleled collection of legal content and news, driving productivity, trust and better outcomes.

For more information, see www.lexmachina.com. « Joining the LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator has been powerful – it has changed our evolution, » said Sonja Ebron, CEO and co-founder of Courtroom5. « As members of the Class of 2019, we deepened our knowledge of legal technology marketing, product development and business operations. Frequent networking opportunities helped us connect with potential mentors and investors. Most importantly, we`ve made valuable friendships with other founders who are building innovative legal tech startups. « We are excited to give back to the legal technology community by helping these promising companies succeed, » said Owen Byrd, Chief Evangelist and General Counsel of Lex Machina. « Our attendees can interact with other startups – including LexisNexis` Lex Machina, Intelligize, Ravel Law and Law360 – and learn from each other how to grow their business, market their products and succeed in this challenging and competitive legal environment. We can`t wait to see all the great things this group of technology accelerator participants will do. » Advanced analytics, AI technology, and visualization tools for new and powerful insights For more information or to apply for future technology accelerator programs, see www.lexisnexis.com/accelerator.